Freedom Pils at Nando’s

Freedom Pils is a modern take on the classic pilsner style, combining European and American hops to deliver a golden color, distinctive citrus aroma, and subtle bitterness. It is a refreshing and easy-drinking beer that is perfect for enjoying a meal, especially Nando’s famous peri-peri chicken.

Price: £4.25

The ingredients of Freedom Pils at Nando’s are:

  • Spring water
  • Lager malt
  • Cara malt
  • Saaz, Centennial, and Liberty hops
  • Lager yeast


Energy (kJ)495
Of which saturates (g)0.3
Carbohydrates (g)8.6
Of which sugars (g)0.3
Fibre (g)1.7
Protein (g)1.3
Salt (g)0
Alcohol by volume (%)4.4

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day


  • Barley
  • Hops

We are following the updates and the information is relevant in 2024!

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